Wednesday, July 15, 2015

this post is for you.........yes, you.

I have had several conversations lately with people and read several posts from others about how hard life can be, especially when people don't "get it."  My heart is heavy for those people and I have spent time in prayer for them and I have it on my heart to share a few thoughts.  Dig a ditch, some might say :)

If you have lost a loved one this past month, year, decade, or century, this post is for you.  I have tears in my eyes right now just for you.  One of the hardest parts of this earthly life is losing people that you love.  Its hard to handle and it doesn't always make sense.  I understand how life might stand still for you in those moments, days, weeks, and years surrounding that time and yet at the same time life keeps going on all around you.  The thought of losing a child, a parent, or my husband makes me physically want to be sick.  And so many of you have experienced that.  I can't say that I understand how you feel but I feel for you so deeply and sometimes it just takes somebody saying that outloud to be just enough for you to get to the next moment.

If you know somebody with a mental illness, this post is for you.  My brother, Brian, has schizophrenia.  This hits home with me.  I love my brother more than anything and life for him and the people who love him has been very difficult the past several years.  I have been at that point of asking "God, where are you in this?  I hate this."  I have also seen Him all over in this.  Loving somebody with a mental illness brings moments of frustration, fear, anxiety, confusion, and loneliness.  Begging for somebody to just say, "I understand what you are going through" and I just want you to know that "I get it."  Those 3 words are so powerful.  If you would like to talk more about loving somebody with a mental illness, I would love to talk to you about that.  I feel like it is a subject many people avoid because they just don't know what to say.  If this is you, please hear me when I say "I get it."

If you are a single parent for a few days, a week, months, or years, this post is for you.  I have an amazing husband and he is using his gifts in unbelievable ways.  Sometimes that means that he is gone for a week at a time.  Its been years that we have done this and we always survive.   Pretty much :)  I can see God all over those weeks that he is gone and I pray for those students whose lives may be changing for eternity during those times.  But, I also miss my best friend and my partner.  I have a few people on my heart right now that are doing this parenting thing on their own and have been for a lot longer than a week.  I pray for you and think of you often.  I think you are amazingly strong even in the moments when you just feel like you can't take any more.  You rock.  This post is for you.

If you have a child who has difficulty in life for whatever reason.  They can't walk, they have a language delay, ADD/ADHD, a heart condition, sensory problems, a genetic disease or whatever.  If they struggle daily more than your heart can handle, this post is for you.  It doesn't matter if they are 2 or 42.  I have met several parents through therapy sessions, school, tumbling classes, support pages who seem to be wanting to jump on their bed with joy because somebody has a glimpse of how hard things can be for your child.  There is a huge part of my heart just for you and I believe God is using me.  Not exactly sure of all the details yet, but I feel like I need to dig a ditch so God can send some water.  Please hear me when I say that you are amazing and on those days when you feel like everybody you see thinks you are crazy for the choices you make for your child or the therapy sessions you drive to, or the research you do, the diet changes you make, the transforming of shoes you do to fit them with their braces, the amount of time you put into planning a simple trip to the store, I couldn't be more proud of you.  I cry for you and pray for you when I see you out and about, when I read your posts asking for help, when your body needs to sleep but your child and your constant mind wandering just won't let you.  We have come so far the past few months with Austin, but that's a different post :)  Please know that if you have a child who has a difficult moment, hour, day, week, or year, I have your back.  You are stinking awesome.

If you have a loved one who has fought or is fighting cancer or YOU are fighting cancer, this post is for you.  I hate cancer.  Not as much as you do, I am sure.  I hate that cancer has touched your life in this way.  I don't understand how you felt when you first heard the words but please know that I care.  I spend time in prayer for you.  My heart aches for you so much.  This post is for you.

There are a few times it gets quiet in our house.  Not often :)  In those moments, I hear God saying "love big."  Although I haven't experienced everything that you have in life, please know that you are not alone.  "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  (Matthew 11:28)

May you find rest today in knowing that this post was written for you.

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